The Commandments

Wrestle with God’s good and gracious will for your life and your world together with the timeless teachings of Luther’s Small Catechism and the (sometimes) surprising insights of all ages and stages in your Cross+Gen community.

Sessions Include: 

Gods and Idols
Name in Vain
Honoring Parents
False Witness
Ten Commandment Review

The Apostles' Creed

Collide the core themes of this ancient creed with Cross+Gen highs and low, Luther’s Small Catechism and the question “what does this mean for us today”?

Sessions Include: 

God the Creator
God the Provider
God the Preserver
Jesus the Savior
Jesus the Redeemer
Jesus the Lord
The Holy Spirit
Church and Saints
Forgiveness of Sins
Resurrection and Eternal Life

The Lord's Prayer

The beauty, depth and wonder of the greatest prayer ever whispered is explored in the sacred space of your Cross+Gen community and Luther’s Small Catechism explanations each week.

Sessions Include: 

Our Father
Kingdom Come
Will Be Done
Daily Bread
Forgive Us
Time of Trial
Deliver Us From Evil
The Doxology
Lord’s Prayer Review

The Sacraments

Baptism and Holy Communion are explored in the context of Luther’s understandings and the highs and lows of a Cross+Generational small group community. Immerse all ages and stages together and apply the timeless insights of the Small Catechism to your lives today.

Sessions include: 

The Sacrament of Baptism
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism
Newness of Life
The Sacrament of Holy Communion
Passover to Last Supper
Taste and See

Luther & The Reformation

Enjoy history like you’ve never enjoyed it before. Feast your eyes on the stunning graphic novel art. Immerse your thoughts and conversations into the life, faith and courage of that one solitary monk who shook the world while ushering the Medieval Era out and the Modern Era in with his “Here I stand!” Then place yourself into key moments in the reformer’s life through the role plays and connect Luther’s story with your world today.

Sessions Include: 

The Stormy Monk
Doing Penance
Dark Night of the Soul
Peace With God
The Door
Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
Storm Clouds Gather
Heretic’s Trial
Fanning the Flames
The World Unravels
Luther: A Legacy