About Cross+Gen Life: FAQ

  1. What is the goal of Cross+Gen Life?

    To connect the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child every week in church, and in each others’ prayers every night in every home.

  2. What makes Cross+Gen Life unique?

    Cross+Gen Life blends learning, worship and deep care across the generations in a way that no age-segregated classroom or “face the front and listen” worship setting ever could. It is not a curriculum. It is not a program. It is Bible stories meet life. It is little pudgy hands holding old wrinkled hands in prayer. It is a GIFT (generations in faith together) instead of a class. It involves more men than 90% of churches ever involve in Christian education. It is a different way to be the church.


  3. Who is Cross+Gen Life developed for?

    Cross+Gen Life is for pastors, Christian education directors, youth workers and church leaders…

    + Struggling with sporadic Sunday school attendance

    + Wanting to spend more time in expanding ministries and less time in planning programs and recruiting Sunday School teachers

    + Wishing to make meaningful faith connections between children and their own parents and between Millennials, GenX, Boomers, and elders

    + Hoping to enrich the fabric of faith formation with the stories, creativity and care of all ages and stages of life in their church and community

    + Interested in exploring a blend of learning, worship and care into one hour in the same sacred space each week - and connecting people of all ages in each others’ prayers every night

    + Seriously looking for a way to connect the weekly Bible themes with nightly faith acts in the home (FAITH5)

    + Curious about what the Cross+Gen buzz is all about

    From the creators of FAITH5 and the curators of the Cross+Gen movement (www.crossgenconference.com) comes a way of learning, worshipping, caring and valuing the gifts of all God’s saints – young and old.

    Built around the simple “share, read, talk, pray, bless” liturgy of FAITH5 (www.faith5.org), the system connects highs and lows (context) to Sunday’s preaching theme (text) in a way that’s personal, meaningful and fun. Model it at church on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning, then take the Bible theme home for a week of deeper engagements. It’s literally so simple a 5-year-old can lead it.

    Download the a Cross+Gen Life: Conversations™ Sample Pack today and try it yourself one week this summer around a campfire, in homes or during fellowship hour. (To download a sample pack, click on any of the five theme-sets via the Conversations™ menu above.)

    Invite  a handful of people from all 5 living generations to be part of your “pilot project” this fall with 6 weeks of dinner or dessert parties. Try it again with a Cross+Gen GIFT Advent or Lent. You’ll see what all the fuss and fun is about yourself, and may just want to turn this kind of care, learning and worship into the core of your church community for years to come.

    PS - Join the 5000+ Churches on the “Killing Sunday School/Birthing Cross+Gen" Facebook group and ask a question, suggest a resource, and share photos of the richness of connecting across the great age divide!

    Or, if you’re serious exploring implementing Cross+Gen in a thoughtful, care-filled way, join hundreds of Christian education and worship pioneers Oct. 1-4 at Estes Park, Colorado for our biennial conference. www.crossgenconference.com