Welcome to the Cross+Gen Catechism, a new resource designed to help you lead your church in caring Cross+Generational conversations built around the basic themes of Luther’s Small Catechism.  

Connect, collect and collide the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child every week around the big themes of the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments and the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Engage in Cross+Gen conversations, creativity and fun every week at church with the PowerPoint Presentations, music and handouts provided. Then return to the themes every night with the FAITH5 Home Huddle resources designed to continue the conversation at home or online with friends. The beauty of Cross+Gen Catechism is in its simplicity and flexibility. The power comes in the connections all ages and stages will make when intentionally gathered in the same sacred space every week with the FAITH5 process and resources around these important Cross+Gen Life themes.

Here’s the big picture:

I. SETTING: The Cross+Gen Catechism can be easily adapted to educational settings, as worship, around a table with a meal, or even as a Cross+Gen coffee hour.

II. TIMING: An hour is optimal, but timing can be adjusted from 45 – 90 minutes, depending on your situation and choices.

III. SPACE: Although best done around tables in a Fellowship Hall, Cross+Gen Catechism can be done in the sanctuary, a classroom or even around a kitchen table. 

IV. STRUCTURE: The design is really simple. Basically, there are two or three parts, depending on your wishes:

  • OPENING: There’s quick, fun thematic unveiling with a stunning set of visuals, music and a humorous skit.
  • FAITH5 TIME: We walk you through a guided process that includes:

SHARING Cross+Gen highs and lows with a partner first, then in a small group

READING a Small Catechism and Bible Encounter

TALKING about how the Catechism theme connects with your highs and lows, then following the guided conversation, role plays and questions to ponder

PRAYING for one another’s highs and lows in your Cross+Gen small group

BLESSING one another 

  • HOLY COMMUNION: For those wishing to add worship elements to the process, there’s a brief order for Holy Communion included.

V. MATERIALS PROVIDED: Every week’s Small Catechism theme includes:

PowerPoint Presentation: Use this simple, clear stunning visual presentation to make leading a breeze. Each PowerPoint presentation includes:

  • FAITH5 Catechsim Encounters - Every week walks you straight into Luther’s Small Catechism to ask his classic “What does this mean?” and see it through the combined lenses of elder, child and everyone in between.

  • Bible Time - Every week takes you from the context of your Cross+Gen highs and lows to the text of the Holy Scriptures and back.

  • Questions to Ponder - When the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child combine with the big questions in life, you’ve created quite a seminary (literally, “seed bed”) for theological reflection.

  • Role Plays - Here’s something you may never have done in a Sunday School class! Take the huge challenging questions of life, death, meaning, and vocation and act them out with all ages and stages playing a part and wrestling with the issues.

  • Catechism in Song - Sing it! Sign it! Learn it! And dance it if you can. From Beethoven’s Fifth for the Fifth Commandment (“You shall not kill”) to “The Adultery Tango”, we’ve put the entire Small Catechism and Luther’s meanings to music. Learn it in a Cross+Gen group and return to it every night this week online with the FINKlink code at www.faithink.com. You’ll know the entire Catechism better than most seminarians by the time the year is through.

Leader’s Guide: This document is your slide-by-slide instruction and script for the PowerPoint. Print it, and use it to assign specific slides to your leaders each week.

Handout: Print this handout for all guests. It is a simple visual guide for Cross+Gen small group engagement with each theme.

Home Huddle Handout: Print this handout for guests to take home as a tool for practicing FAITH5 every night.

Pastor’s Talk Time Reflection: This document is intended as a guide for whomever is shepherding the Cross+Gen groups. It will help you curate the Cross+Gen conversation as conclusion of the TALK step each week.

Skit Script: A short, comedic Reader’s Theater or Skit to unveil the theme.  

Theme Song MP3 and Sheet Music

Learn More

Click on the tabs above to check out the five Cross+Gen Catechism Theme Sets, download the complete resource for theme #1 of each, and watch the Theme Set overview videos to get a sense of the entire theme set.

Then join us for a theme, a season or a whole year of Cross+Gen Life.

And yes, you will agree: “This is most certainly fun!"