Every week at church & every night in every home™

There is something very new, yet very old stirring in the church. Maybe this year the next new thing - and the next Reformation - will start with you intentionally combining the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child in the same sacred space every week, and in each other’s prayers every night in every home. Invest a day with Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim and friends to:

  • Explore case studies of faith formation pioneers who have implemented various Cross+Gen ministries in their own churches, and are transforming the fabric of their congregations to include the gifts of all ages in worship and faith formation.
  • Learn about a world of fun and effective Cross+Gen resources that draw children, teens, young adults, parents and elders into the same “eduworship” space, fostering cross+generational faith formation, fellowship, relationships and care.
  • Experience a sneak peak of the new Luther Rock Opera, a great cross+generational way to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
  • Leave with a plan to immerse and include a wider community than ever before in your lifelong learning, worship and faith formation practices.


8-8:45 AM -- Registration
9:00 AM -- Intro to Cross+Gen Ministries - Every Week at Church
10:15 AM -- Case Studies
12:00 PM -- Working Lunch (lunch is included with your paid registration)
1:00 PM -- Recap
1:15 PM -- Intro to FAITH5 Ministries - Every Night in Every Home
3:00 PM -- Working Break
3:30 PM -- Designing Cross+Gen Life for the Post-Television World
4:30 PM -- Customizing a Strategic Plan for Cross+Gen Ministries