8-8:45 AM Registration
Pre-register online for the best rate. Walk-in attendees will pay an additional $20 per person.

9:00 AM Intro to Cross+Gen Ministries – Every Week at Church
Explore the Cross+Gen movement and how an innovative group of change-agents met in 2012 to explore models of connecting generations at the core of worship and faith formation. Those ecclesiastical pioneers experimented for two years, then shared the results of their joys and struggles at a conference and in the “Let’s Kill Sunday School (before it kills the church)” book. Five years (and another book) later, 5300+ church leaders are striving to work Cross+Gen into the core of their ministries. Their stories are beautiful. Their energy is palpable. Their growth is real. And you’re next.

10:00 AM Break

 10:15 AM Case Studies
Enjoy presentations by Case Study Presenters from the Cross+Gen Conferences and the “Let’s Kill Sunday School (before it kills the church)” book series. These are the folks who have “been there, done that” and will share with you the blessings (and the challenges) of Cross+Gen ministries.

12:00 PM Working Lunch (lunch is included with your paid registration)
Get a sneak peak of the new Luther Rock Opera and other new resources by Faith Inkubators. These include FAITH5 Table Talk Cross+Gen Coloring Sheets; Reformation Moments Cartoon Coloring pages; and Cross+Gen Catechism resources for the 10 Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, and Luther & the Reformation.

1:00 PM Recap
Team up and ask these three questions to reflect on the morning sessions:

  • What was something new we heard?
  • What is something we already knew that is worth repeating?
  • What is something we’d like to know more about?

1:15 PM Intro to FAITH5 Ministries – Every Night In Every Home
There is a simple, powerful way to connect church to home and call families to BE the church every night with FAITH5 Home Huddles ™. Over the past 10 years, thousands of households around the globe have embraced FAITH5 as their nightly faith practice. Learn the basics (SHARE, READ, TALK, PRAY, BLESS) and explore how you can incorporate FAITH5 to bring health and healing into the core of your ministries both at church and in homes.

3:00 PM Working Break
Pair up to discuss what you have heard so far. Bring a question to the closing session.

3:30 PM Designing Cross+Gen Life for the Post-Television World
The TV generation and the Internet era have different expectations when it comes to preaching, teaching, learning and community. In this session we’ll model an approach that engages all ages in worship and faith formation, as it brings renewed energy and life to the church.

4:30 PM Customizing a Strategic Plan for Cross+Gen Ministries
It’s time to get practical. You’ve heard about multiple models and methods for Cross+Gen ministries. You’ve had time to reflect on your own situation and opportunities. Now it’s time to begin shaping your customized plan.