Lent 2017 is the perfect time to begin exploring the Small Catechism with your people. Consider a dinner, a coffee hour, an educational setting or Cross+Gen Wednesday night worship around Luther’s big themes. Maybe you’ll want to begin with the Sacraments and explore six weeks of  Luther’s Baptism and Communion teachings from the Small Catechism, concluding on Holy Week with Cross+Gen small groups communing each other. Or maybe you’ll choose to journey through Lent with the Apostles’ Creed, celebrating Easter with a focus on Luther’s thoughts on resurrection and eternal life. 

Enter the spring and summer with Small Catechism in hand and the richness of Luther’s teachings on the Lord’s Prayer or the Ten Commandments. 

Then kick off Rally Day with an entire fall dedicated to the history of the one solitary monk who ushered the Medieval Era out and the Modern Era in with his bold statement,  “Here I Stand!”

Wrap up the year with a Cross+Generational Advent encounter. All you need is a big room, a community of all ages and stages, a Bible, a projector, the giant Table Talk Coloring Pages, and a Small Catechism and Bible.


At the end of the Cross+Gen Catechism immersion, what will Reformation Day 2017 look like when the entire congregation stands to make their “Here I stand” commitment… together?

Kneels to reconfirm their baptismal faith… together? 

Rises to a new day of community, catechetical understanding, depth and Cross+Gen discipleship… together?

And yeah… will you ever go back to age-segregated adolescent confirmation again?

The Cross+Gen Catechism.

This is most certainly fun!